• The Pro’s of Matchmaking Your Single Parent Online

    : 2016-01-18

    Everyone wants their loved ones to be happy and in life no matter the times, this usually means finding love. Matchmaking is a long-standing tradition in many cultures and still exists everywhere today. Even with the most advanced technology, matchmaking


  • The Trick To Sticking To Those New Year Resolutions

    : 2016-01-05

    You start off with such good intentions and by mid January it all comes crashing down! But don't worry, you're with 92% of the population there, only 8% of us stick to our resolutions! So, what if you tried something slightly different this year?


  • 10 Festive Date Ideas To Enjoy In London This Christmas

    : 2015-12-04

    We've selected 10 festive date ideas to enjoy in London this Christmas!


  • How To Find Love After A Divorce

    : 2015-11-27

    Most divorce lawyers will tell you that their clients have online dating subscriptions on their statements, before they’re even divorced. For some, the scariest thing about a divorce is what comes next. Relationship expert Aaron Anderson gives 3 tips for


  • Dating: The Science Behind A Spark

    : 2015-11-02

    It’s coming up to bonfire night so we thought rather than give you some schmoozy tips we thought we’d delve into the science of chemistry and what is really going on when you feel a spark.


  • 5 Great Tips For A Successful First Date

    : 2015-10-27

    This months guest blog comes from our regular dating expert Joshua Pompey. He gives 5 tips for men for a successful first date.


  • 10 Spooky Date Ideas For This Halloween In London

    : 2015-10-19

    Whilst Halloween is a great time for kids it can also be a good excuse to have an eerie / fun romantic date night! Whether you fancy a trick or a treat there are some Halloween events coming up which are perfect for either!


  • 10 Halloween Pick Up Lines We Dare You To Use

    : 2015-10-12

    Alright Pumpkin?Want to pick up a bit more than candy this Halloween? We don’t recommend you take this list seriously, chat up lines are of course a cliché, but delivered in jest beneath a pumpkin costume, you’re sure to get some laughs, even if it’s thro


  • 20 Top London Cocktails To Choose In London's Cocktail Week

    : 2015-10-05

    Is this not the best week ever.. it's London Cocktail week! An official week where you have a good excuse to try some of London's finest cocktails. With 275 bars serving £5 cocktails to wristband wearers, Londoners are spoilt for choice.


  • 10 Of The Best London Autumn Date Ideas

    : 2015-09-21

    We hate to say it, but summer is over. It's time to start thinking all'interno when it comes to date ideas. Although a brisk sunny day is welcomed, rooftops may be a little cool, and as for picnics, well no one wants a soggy sandwich. We've rounded up 10


  • Expert Dating Advice: What’s Really the Scariest Part of Dating?

    : 2015-09-14

    We're excited for this month's guest blog, because it comes from a fellow Matchmaking expert, Sarah Ryan. Sarah is a professional Matchmaker for one of London's leading dating agencies. She spells out what makes online dating scary, as well telling us why


  • 6 Great Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date

    : 2015-09-07

    With the 24 hour tube service across London we thought it would be appt to run through some date dodging excuses, seems as, "I've got to get the last tube" won't fly on the weekends.