• How To Write Your Online Dating Profile Without Lying

    : 2015-07-20

    On most mainstream websites, 80% of online dating profiles have lies in. But does lying match you with the right people? And does it only end in disappointment on both sides?


  • Why You Should Date My Single Brother

    : 2015-07-14

    Do you have a charming single brother, but you wish a few more people knew it?! Maybe you just want to steer him out of his bachelor ways and sometimes only a new lady can do this!


  • 6 Reasons To Let Your Best Friend Be Your Matchmaker

    : 2015-07-06

    Through all of the trials and tribulations it’s your best friends and family who’ve helped you unpack and analyse every detail of your date, obsess over ambiguously worded messages and who’ve managed to cheer you up when it hasn’t quite worked out. So why


  • 6 Signs That She Wants You to Kiss Her

    : 2015-06-30

    A heatwave is upon us this week! Joshua Pompey gives some male advice on puckering up in this summer heat!


  • Date My - Pledge for Love

    : 2015-06-29

    You may know that Date My is a crowd funded company. Hundreds of people helped us get to where we are today. But we want to improve Date My for our lovely existing members, and this means boosting exposure to get more people in the know. We want to grow a


  • 10 Great London Summer Date Ideas

    : 2015-06-24

    Summer is here (sort of!). There's plenty to do in London, we've compiled a list of 10 great date ideas to enjoy outdoors or in. We always encourage our online daters to get offline, so use these date spots as your very own checklist.


  • 5 Of The Most Common Online Dating Fears

    : 2015-06-15

    Some people need a little nudge when it comes to the daunting sign up process of online dating. Some people aren’t fazed by it; others laugh in the face of it and are completely in shock that you would suggest such a thing to them. We take a look at 5 of


  • The Best Dating Shows & Celebrity Matchmakers Of All Time

    : 2015-06-08

    Over the years dating has been a prime subject for TV, it’s one of those things that’s just so watchable and sucks you right in. Our infographic shows some of the best dating programs of our time.


  • The History Of Matchmaking Around The World

    : 2015-06-01

    Finding love today is still no easy feat. But imagine a world without phones, cars, not much of a social scene, no internet.. Where on earth did people meet?!


  • How I Found A Girlfriend For My Single Dad, The Hero: Guest Blog

    : 2015-05-26

    This months Guest Blog comes from Janey Heathly creator of dating blog where she posts some of her hilarious dating experiences. But this time she shares the heartfelt reason she tries to find love for her single dad.


  • Mingle With Singles At Charity Speed Dating Event

    : 2015-05-19

    Looking to mingle with some singles? This week we’re recommending a Charity Speed Dating Event run by dating blogger, Lara Loveless.


  • Dating Tips: The Best Camera Angle For An Online Dating Photo

    : 2015-05-13

    Getting a dating photo right is no easy feat. Don’t smile and people might think you’re creepy, smile too much and people might think you’re just a bit too happy.