10 Romantic & Great Valentine's Date Night Recipes

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday which means for couples or singles it's actually the perfect excuse not to venture out an sit amongst other smug 2 seater tables, but to hunker down indoors and cook up a romantic meal for two. Whether this means with your partner or flatmate, who cares. Being cooked for on a date is a real romantic gesture, if you're doing the cooking, just make sure deliveroo is on speed dial for any late minute disasters. We've found 10 delicious, easy and healthy date night dinners to choose from.

1. Moroccan Prawns

2. Raspberry Coconut Mousse

3. Easy Salmon Parcels 

4. Chili Beef Ragu 

5. Honey Chicken With Braised Chicory 

6. One Pan Duck

7. Squash, ricotta and sage bake

8. Individual Chocolate Melting Pots

9. Oven Baked Kale Risotto 

10. Panna Cotta


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