Date My Dad. Daughter Set's Her Dad Up On A Date

We treated two single members from to a romantic date night! Who were the lucky pair? 

Paul, 58 from Kent was signed up to Date My by his daughter, Nixalina. Like most of our fellow Matchmakers on Date My, Nixalina chose some matches for her dad, eventually selecting her favourite, which was Irene. Nixalina is no amateur when it comes to this topic, she has her own dating and relationship lifestyle blog so we were excited to see how she got on playing Matchmaker...

Paul & Irene are both divorced and shared similar apprehensions about going on a date. Dating can be a nerve racking thing, epecially if you're out of practice. Irene said, “I was so nervy as had not had a date in 4 months, since a 2 year relationship. I was very apprehensive about this as I was lied to by my ex with other women on dating sites, and I mean women!”

Paul also had his own hesitations when it came to the date. He was a little apprehensive about being set up on a date by his daughter. Paul said, "I must admit, I was in two minds about a daughter's view and her taste in selecting a suitable blind date for her father, but Renee was an absolute joy."


The Date

It's safe to say Nixalina did a great matchmaking jobThe pair enjoyed a lunch at The Bickley in Kent. 

Here's what Irene had to say about her date with Paul.

"Paul was lovely! Very engaging and not a minute of silence! We left after 3 hours so pretty good going! We chatted about our family, what we want now from life and connected well! He bought flowers and put his arm around me several times which was endearing. We’ve said we will mull over the date and keep in touch! He text me last night after the date and was really happy I showed up and was good company. I would have liked a comment on how I looked (dressed) and if he thought I was easy on the eye! Just a woman thing! He normally goes for women a little taller than me as he is 6’2 A big man!! I'm only 5’3”

It sounds as though the feeling was mutual with Paul not short of compliments for Irene, "I found Rene warm hearted, engaging with a zest for life. There was never a break in our conversation or loss of things to say during this exchange of experiences and personalities. 3 hours slipped away that seemed like just an hour. I would very much like to meet her again and obviously feels that she would like to do the same.

What a hit! It just goes to show putting your loved life into someone else's hands really does work. It's early days but we hope Paul & Irene see each other again. 

If you're hesitant to try online dating, Date My can help break down those apprehensions for you. As kindly put by Paul himself.

“I would just like to add that I think the concept of Date My is a simple, but brilliant approach. There is something accepting from a parent's point of view when their offspring have got the parents interests and happiness at heart. And if the relationship developed and had started with the "kids" involvement, then it is one less hurdle to overcome progressing from there.”

Couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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