Here's A Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea

A bunch of flowers and a card are compulsory Mother’s Day staples.  And we’re sure mum’s worldwide appreciate them (whether it’s a special occasion or just because). As nice as it is to be the sole receiver of a mum’s love, a life-changing gift could be to give her the opportunity to love someone else. After all it could last longer than a bunch of flowers!

Become a Matchmaker for your single mum

Sign yourself up as a Matchmaker on Date My and start the hunt on her behalf. Online dating can be pretty daunting to the technophobes and the Internet savvy alike. Often that fear can be minimised with some encouraging words and a push in the right direction. If you think you could find a wonderful partner, or at least some interesting dates for your mum, then can help you make it simple and safe.

How does Date My work?

As a Matchmaker you sign up on our homepage and choose who it is you’re wanting to match make for (you can even match make for multiple people!) in this case click ‘mum’. Then fill out some of your details and some of her details. You can upload a photo and write a few words about your single mum and then you can search for potential matches. Your mum's profile won’t be visible to others until she approves it, so don’t worry about her being miffed with you for setting it up!

Your mum isn’t obligated; it’s her choice to subscribe!

You find the matches and vet them, because let’s face it, who is going to do a better job than you? You care most about your mum so you’re going to put in the effort that an online matchmaking computer or service simply cannot.

However, that doesn’t mean she has to go on any dates. You can present her with a list of options that you think are right for her, but she gets to choose. This way you don’t have to worry about overstepping. At the end of the day it is her decision and her profile will not become public until she chooses to subscribe! If you’re mum’s looking for love but can’t quite bring herself to commit to the online dating pool, this could be the perfect thoughtful gift this Mother’s day and it’s also pretty fun for you in the process!

Mother’s day for us is a day to think about the wonderful mums still with us, and the wonderful mums who sadly are not.

In the run up to Mother’s day we’ll be crowning some of our Single Mum’s as “Mum of the week” so watch out for this across Facebook and Twitter.