Date my colleague

Help me match my single colleague.

You work with them every day and think they’re just brilliant. Anyone would be lucky to date your colleague. Trouble is, they’re just not meeting enough people.

If you have a wonderful single coworker that you want to give a bit of a nudge towards love, our online matchmaking platform is designed to do exactly that.

datemy lets you introduce your extremely dateable colleague to the world of online dating, only without the fiddly bits. That’s because you’ll do all the hard work for them. You set up their profile and find potential matches for them.

At datemy, we know the world of online dating can be a little intimidating. That’s why we’re making it possible for you to help out someone you care about by becoming their Matchmaker.

Here’s why you should date my single colleague:

With datemy, you can match your single colleague in just 3 steps:

  1. Visit the homepage to sign them up.
  2. You create a profile and select up to three potential matches.
  3. We then send your colleague an invitation with a link they can use to view the profile you’ve made for them. If they like it, your single colleague can then sign up.

Once signed up, the real matchmaking beings!

  • Use your Matchbox to find and suggest potential dates for your single colleague.
  • Get in touch with other Matchmakers like you to request matches.

Set your colleague up on a blind date:

  • Once a match is successful, you can arrange for them to go on a blind date.

Don’t forget:

Your colleague’s online profile will only be made public once they’ve signed up. You can continue to nudge them by finding more matches.

Enjoying the matchmaking process? It’s easy to add more profiles of other people you want to match. Simply sign them up and switch between profiles.

Happy matchmaking!