Date my dad

Looking for a match for your single dad?

It’s time for your single dad to get back out there and start dating again. But we all know that can be a lot easier said than done. And online dating might just sound a bit too “new school” for him.

At datemy we help you give your dad a gentle nudge back towards love. You set up a dating profile for your single father and choose matches for him. We know you can think of plenty of things that make him great. Our platform lets you share that with others. Once you’ve found potential matches, you can even set him up on blind dates.

You should really date my single dad:

With datemy, you can match your single father in just 3 steps:

  1. Visit the homepage and sign him up.
  2. You set up a profile for your single father and choose up to three potential matches.
  3. We’ll send him an invitation with a link that will let your dad view the profile you’ve created. He can then choose to sign up.

After your dad’s signed up, the real matchmaking beings!

  • Using your Matchbox you find and suggest potential dates for your single father.
  • You get in touch with other matchmakers like you and match your dad by getting in touch with them

Set your dad up on a blind date:

  • Once a match is successful, you can even set him up on a blind date. Or you can leave the finer details to your dad and his newly made match.

Don’t forget:

Your dad’s profile will only be published once he’s signed up. You can encourage him by finding more matches.

Having fun playing cupid? If there are more people you want to match, you can sign them up too. Add a second (or third or fourth) profile and switch between them!

Happy matchmaking!