Date my single flatmate

I want to match my single flat mate.

You’ve seen them at their worst. And in their underwear. You spend more time with them than anyone else and they’re yet to drive you crazy. You know this makes your flatmate a very rare breed, and a total catch. Only, they don’t seem to meet the right people. Maybe their job is keeping them busy, or they’re put off by online dating.

Either way, we help you give your single flatmate a nudge towards love by becoming their online Matchmaker. With datemy you do all the work for them. You set up a profile for them and find potential matches for your single flatmate. You can even set them up on a blind date. Just don’t blame us when your flatmate moves in with someone else.

Have you met my single flatmate?

With datemy, you can match your single flatmate in just 3 steps:

  1. Head to the homepage to sign up your single flatmate.
  2. Create a profile and find up to three possible matches for them.
  3. We’ll send your single flatmate an email invitation that lets them view their profile and browse your matches. They decide to sign up.

Once signed up, the real matchmaking starts!

  • Find and suggest potential dates for your single flatmate using the Matchbox.
  • You match your flatmate by getting in touch with other Matchmakers.

Set them up on a blind date:

  • Once a match is successful, you can arrange a date for your single flatmate.

Don’t forget:

Your flatmate’s profile will only be published once they have subscribed. Encourage them to sign up by finding more matches.

If you’re having fun playing cupid, you can add others. Just add a second profile and switch between them!

Happy matchmaking!