Date my single friend

I want to match my single friend.

You can think of at least a dozen reasons someone would be lucky to date your single friend. But they never seem to meet the right person. And they’re a bit intimidated by online dating.

With datemy you can give them a gentle nudge by setting up a profile for them and finding potential matches for your single friend.

How to find a date for your single friend:

Find love for someone you know for free, in just 3 steps:

  1. Head to our homepage and select who you’d like to sign up.
  2. Create their profile and find them up to three possible matches.
  3. A datemy email invite is sent to them where they can see their profile and browse your matches, before choosing to subscribe.

Once signed up, the real matching starts!

  • Find and suggest potential dates for your single friend using the Matchbox.
  • You match your single friend by getting in touch with other Matchmakers.

Set your single friend up on a blind date:

  • Once a match is successful, you can arrange a date for your single friend.

Don’t forget:

Your friend’s profile will only be published once they have subscribed. Encourage them to sign up by finding more matches.

If you want to match more than one friend (or want to match a relative), you can add them too. Just add a second profile and switch between them!

Happy matchmaking!