Date my sister

I want to match my single sister.

Want to give your single sister a bit of a nudge towards love? datemy lets you introduce your single sibling to the world of online dating - only without all the fuss of setting up profiles and finding matches, because you’ll be doing that for her!

At datemy, we know the world of online dating can be a little intimidating. That’s why we’re making it easy for you to help out someone you love and do some of that work for them by becoming their matchmaker.

You can think of at least a dozen reasons someone would be lucky to date your sister. We let you tell them why. And then you select the first potential matches for her. You can even set your single sister up on a blind date. She’ll thank you later!

Date my single sister. She’s amazing:

With datemy, you can match your single sister in just 3 steps:

  1. Visit the homepage to sign up your single sister.
  2. You create a profile for her and select up to three potential matches.
  3. We then send her an invitation with a link that she can use to see the profile you’ve set up. If she likes your work, your single sister can then sign up.

Once she’s signed up, the real matching beings!

  • Use your Matchbox to find and suggest potential dates for your single sister.
  • Get in touch with other matchmakers like you to request matches.

Set your sister up on a blind date:

  • Once a match is successful, you can arrange for them to go on a blind date.

Don’t forget:

Your sister’s online profile will only be made public once she has signed up. So continue to find matches to encourage her to sign up.

Are you a matchmaking pro? It’s easy to add more profiles of other people you want to match. Simply sign them up and switch between them.

Happy matchmaking!