Date my son

Have you met my single son?

Dating can be tough. Often our busy lives leave little time for social events and even then meeting new people doesn’t always guarantee you’ll strike the right chord. Then there’s online dating: Some love it. Some are still put off by it.

But you know your son is a real catch. If only you could let others know too.

At datemy we let you play Matchmaker. You do the hard work for him and set up an online dating profile for your single son. Then you find potential matches for him. And you can even set him up on a blind date!

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With datemy, it takes only 3 steps to become a Matchmaker for your single son:

  1. Visit the homepage to set up his profile.
  2. Create a page for your son and select up to three potential matches.
  3. We’ll send him an invitation with a link that lets him see the profile you’ve created. If he likes your work, all your single son needs to do is sign up.

Once he’s signed up, the real matchmaking beings!

  • Use your Matchbox to find and suggest potential dates for your single son.
  • Get in touch with other Matchmakers like you to request matches.

Why not set your son up on a blind date?

  • Once a match is successful, it’s easy to arrange a blind date.

Don’t forget:

Your son’s online profile will only be made public when he signs up. So carry on finding matches to encourage him!

Having fun making matches? It’s easy to add more profiles for others you may want to match. Simply sign them up and switch between profiles.

Happy matchmaking!