Our story

Told by the Founder of datemy:

Once upon a time there was a lovely, single, widowed father (my dad). Meeting somebody new didn’t fit into his everyday routine. He was busy bringing up his three children, and we were busy growing up. It was a bit of a lonely time, and the moustache and speedos didn’t help. Time passed and a story was told about a friend who had set her single mum up with her colleague’s dad – real life matchmaking. The story stuck and really resonated. If only it was that simple for everyone. What if it was? What if this sort of thing could happen online? It would be reachable to all those wanting to give someone a nudge towards love. After all, what is shaping love more than anything today? The Internet. Online dating was nowhere near as prevalent back then as it is now; if it had been we could have used it for our dad. But, with more and more generations finding love online today, it seems about time there was an online version of matchmaking. So in the beginning we set out to become the home of matchmaking for single parents, but the reactions eventually shaped what is today. People wanted to sign their sister up, their brother up, a friend… not just a parent. So the audience was broadened and that made us happy, because from time to time we’ve all needed that little nudge.

We want to help you find love for someone you love.

Happy matchmaking!